Can I edit my order?
Your order can be edited before it reaches the restaurant. Once your order is accepted by the restaurant you cannot edit its contents. However, any request for a change in delivery locations can be updated before the order is dispatched.

I want to cancel my orders
We will do our best to accommodate your request if the order is not placed to the restaurant. Please note that we will have a right to charge a cancellation fee up to full order value to compensate our restaurant and delivery partners if your order has been confirmed.

Will OLO be accountable for quality/quantity?
Quantity and quality of the food is the restaurants’ responsibility. However in case of issues with the quality or quantity, kindly submit your feedback and we will pass it on to the restaurant.

Is there a minimum order value?
In case of a delivery order the restaurant may keep a minimum order value, it is totally subjective and the restaurants prerogative. OLO does not interfere in restaurants operational policies and procedures.

Do you charge for delivery?
Yes, certain restaurants might have fixed delivery fees. Delivery fee (if any) is specified on the ‘Review Order’ page.

How long do you take to deliver?
Standard delivery times vary by the location selected and prevailing conditions. Once you select your location, an estimated delivery time is mentioned for each restaurant.

What are your delivery hours?
Our delivery hours vary for different locations and depends on availability of supply from restaurant partners.

Can I order from any location?
We will deliver from any restaurant listed on the search results for your location. We recommend enabling your GPS location finder and letting the app auto-detect your location.

Is single order from many restaurants possible?
You can club orders from multi-brand operators only and also being from the same location. This option is available on the mobile app and appears as suggestions.

Do you support bulk orders?
In order to provide all customers with a great selection and to ensure on time delivery of your meal, we reserve the right to limit the quantities depending on supply. Catering is also an option here to meet your order requirements.

Can I change the address/number?
Any major change in delivery address is not possible after you have placed an order with us. However, slight modifications like changing the flat number, street name, landmark etc. are allowed. If you have received delivery executive details, you can directly call him, else you could contact our customer service team.

Did not receive OTP?
Please check if your app is due for an update. If not, please share the details via

Deactivate my account
Please write to us at in the event that you want to deactivate your account.