Code of Conduct


Your reviews and photos, as well as your profile and the comments you share, are all subject to Content Guidelines,

If your activity on OLO doesn’t match up to these content guidelines, we reserve the right to take action as we deem necessary. This could include altering or deleting your reviews or comments, or deleting your OLO account altogether, with or without notice. If you feel your review was deleted in error, email us at

If you see content that does not align with these guidelines or our Terms of Service, please let us know at we will consider all reports.


Guidelines and Policies for Users (Consumers)

  1. Simple and Sweet: All reviews and comments should be a minimum of 10 characters and maximum of 250 characters.
  2. To the Point: Please keep your contributions relevant to OLO. Accounts placing irrelevant, inappropriate, or promotional content, which solicit customers, or that spam restaurants, may be deleted without notice.
  3. Nice & Clean: Please refrain from using foul/abusive/hateful language, threats, and lewd remarks, this also includes (but is not limited to) derogatory comments on someone’s protected characteristics (e.g. race, gender, religion) or indication of a personal vendetta against a business and its associates.
  4. Keep it real: Write your review based on facts and your own experiences (not a friend’s). Please don’t exaggerate or falsify your experience. Accepting or soliciting a kickback – monetary or otherwise – in exchange for reviews or photographs is also not acceptable, and could result in removal of your profile.
  5. Keep it Original: Plagiarism is something we take seriously. Copying others’ reviews or photos, or even re-posting your own in multiple places on OLO (in full or in part), is something that will be removed immediately.
  6. Be yourself: Your profile is your identity on OLO, so keep it real. You’re welcome to use a screen name, but please refrain from using inappropriate names, bios, or profile images.
  7. By the rules: The content you add should be in compliance with local laws and regulations. Local laws take precedence, and content may be moderated to adhere to these.
  8. Report to Authorities: OLO is not the appropriate platform for reporting illegal activities, physical confrontations, health code violations, or anything under investigation by local governing bodies or law-enforcement personnel. We encourage that such accusations be reported to the concerned authorities rather than being mentioned in reviews.


Photo guidelines for Users (Consumers):

Best way to show the food is in pictures and we understand that. Food shots that are clear, in focus, and delicious enough to make the viewer will be featured in restaurants’ photo galleries. Ambiance shots that highlight the overall feel or vibe of a place will also be highlighted on restaurant pages.

Exact duplicates, plagiarized photos, promotional content, photos of others posted without their permission, and very unpleasant or ugly photos that ruin people’s appetites will be removed altogether.


Guidelines for Business Owners (Merchants):

OLO is a great way for restaurants to reach out to a vast online community.

  1. Keep your listing updated: Our Key Accounts team will make sure to keep information on OLO up-to-date, we appreciate you letting us know when an update is required. If your timings change and your listing is not updated, customers getting wrong information will not be happy.
  2. Don’t solicit reviews: The best way to get reviews is to delight customers with your food and service. Selective solicitation is a strict NO, and offering any type of compensation or kick-back for reviews is unfair and unethical.
  3. Approach Positively to reviews: This happens to all restaurants who have customers. These customers are always right, even when they are wrong. Take the negative reviews as constructive feedback and use it as an opportunity to fix things. Whether you agree with the feedback or not, take the criticism in good stride.
  4. Take Accountability: OLO will not moderate any questionable activities about your restaurant posted in reviews.


In a concerted effort to maintain the neutrality of content on OLO, Business owners, employees, and any affiliates with business interests are no longer permitted to write reviews on OLO.

It’s also important to note that we (OLO) have no employees or affiliates who are paid to review. If any guest identifies themselves as an official blogger, review employee, or associate of OLO, it’s not true. Employees of OLO are contractually and ethically forbidden from using their status to solicit free meals or receive special treatment. If you observe any such practice, report it to Appropriate action will be taken against the user or employee if evidence can be provided.