Why Should I List with olo?


As a Business owner and user there are always new avenues to explore opportunities of growth. In this age of technology and smart phone revolution it is imperative to be a part of the internet platform. So here we have answered a few questions that may clear your apprehensions and give you more reasons to be a part of Saudi’s Latest F&B mobile app.

What is olo?

olo is a food discovery and ordering mobile application with innovative features. It has a very easy and friendly User Interface. A seamless technology backbone that lets users and business owners connect with ease.

Where is olo available?

olo is available for downloads for free on both platforms ioS and Android. You can simply go to the Apple store or Google Play Store and get your olo. Currently olo is available for users within the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

What category of business can register on olo?

Currently we are open for registration to the following categories

  1. Quick Service Restaurants
  2. Casual Dining
  3. Fine Dining
  4. Sweets and Bakery
  5. Coffee Shops
  6. Juices and Ice creams

What Services are available on olo?

Since we are a discovery and ordering mobile application platform we offer simple listings where customers can view a complete profile of your business, rate and review, or upload pictures and share through social media. On the other hand the customers can also order food either as ” Take Away “ where the customer can personally come and collect the food or order a ” Home Delivery “ which is delivered directly to the address of customers choice. There is also an option of ” Table Reservation “ that is available for customers.

Who does the Delivery?

Currently olo does not offer its own delivery services. All business that have their own delivery services can opt to get delivery orders based on their terms of delivery and charges.

Which are the existing business listed on olo?

We have a growing a list of merchants listed on olo. To view the full list of registered merchants Click Here. We try and update the client list periodically for you to see.

How many orders will I get in a day?

We have a sizable database of customers from across the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We have a a marketing strategy and plan on engaging users to use the mobile application. And yes we have a feature where you decide how many customers you can handle in an hour. This enables you to not get more orders than what you can deliver.

Can I list a Menu with multiple servings and modifiers?

Yes, our menu listing is dynamic and we have two levels of modifier, so however complex your menu is, it becomes a simple touch and order user interface for the customers to order. You can have multiple servings for Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner and also set dietary filters for your menu items.

What are the Charges to register on olo?

olo does not charge any money to register a business. Listing is always free for Business owners and users. Zero setup fees. olo only charges commission on orders that have been sent through the mobile application.

What are the mode of payments

We accept payments electronically by all types of debit and credit cards. We also accept cash on delivery orders.

What is the payment cycle?

We have a fortnightly payment cycle. We do a monthly settlement of accounts, which each merchant can see on their management console.

How do I process Orders?

We have training videos and presentation available on how to process orders and close orders in tutorial sections in the management console.

How do I register?

To register you can click here, Once we receive your registration request, and approve it you will receive an email from the olo admin, which will contain your password and identifier link to verify your email address and login for the first time. A dedicated accounts coordinator will help you with listing process and make your outlet visible on the application. A digital contract will be sent on the registered email ID provided at the time of registration.

What is olo Driver?

Olo driver is a mobile application for drivers that is available on Android platform only. This app is available for free to download on the Google Play store. along with this app comes a driver management console that helps you track your drivers and assign drivers for delivery. You can do route planning for your drivers and track them live on the move. Once the driver is assigned and on the move the customers can also view the live tracking of the driver on their mobile application.

I want to speak to someone.

You can call our toll free number 920008425 or just send us an email on partner@olo.sa and we will have an expert call you.